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Event ID d16e5f16-a09c-11e8-91c9-005056a2b019
Parent Event ID d25e6c05-9f0c-11e8-91c9-005056a2b019
Cruise Number 2018707
Station Name P4 (NLEG11)
Event Time (UTC) 08:15:00
Event Date 2018-08-14
Decimal Latitude 79.8212
Decimal Longitude 33.8115
Sample Type Electron microscopy (SEM filter)
Gear Type Sediment trap (short term)
Sample Depth (m) 30
Bottom Depth (m) 278
Niskin Bottle Number
Sampling protocol Nansen Legacy sampling protocols version 1 section 8.21
Sample Location UiO
PI name Bente Edvardsen
PI e-mail
PI insitution UiO
Recorded By Luka Supraha
Event Remarks
Other Information
Key Value
fixative dry
description Filtered sediment trap sample
storageTemp Room temp
Key Value
title UiO Phytoplankton samples
pi name Luka Supraha
abstract SEM filtration, TC filtration, VivaFlow, NET SEM, Cultures
pi email
projectID The Nansen Legacy (RCN # 276730)
pi address University of Oslo, IBV, Blindern
recordedBy Luka Supraha
pi institution University of Oslo
Entry created 2018-11-05 09:48:24+00
Entry modified last 2019-05-10 09:47:42.088107+00
Modification history 2018-11-05T09:48:24Z: Initial read in of the log files.
2018-11-05T12:51:29Z: Added missing three missing ice cores
2018-11-05T16:10:19Z: Rewriting wrongly inherited fields
2018-11-07T12:40:48Z: Updated station names
2018-11-07T12:53:22Z: Updated station names
2018-12-05T13:57:07Z: Changed gear type case
2019-04-30T15:02:32Z: Changed sampletype from SEM filter to Electron microscopy (SEM filter)
2019-05-10T09:47:42Z: Changed geartype from Sediment trap to Sediment trap (short term)
Source file AeN_JC1_2_2018707_Phytoplankton samples_UiO_final.xlsx