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Event ID c98d3330-a618-11e8-91c9-005056a2b019
Parent Event ID 68d7a627-a5df-11e8-91c9-005056a2b019
Cruise Number 2018707
Station Name PICE1
Event Time (UTC) 19:28:00
Event Date 2018-08-17
Decimal Latitude 83.3321
Decimal Longitude 31.5402
Sample Type Ice meiofauna
Gear Type Ice corer 9 cm
Sample Depth (m)
Bottom Depth (m) 3920
Niskin Bottle Number
Sampling protocol Nansen Legacy Sampling protocol version1. section 15.5.7
Sample Location UiT, NFH building
PI name Bodil Bluhm
PI e-mail
PI insitution UiT
Recorded By Bodil Bluhm
Event Remarks RF3 T3-1-1, 0 cm = ice-water interface, water depth is approximate
Other Information {}
Key Value
title Ice meiofauna and protists
pi name Bodil Bluhm
abstract Ice cores were taken with a 9 cm inner diameter Kovacs ice corer. Ice cores were melted at 4 deg C with added filtered seawater (100 ml per 1 cm core section). Total volume of the melted sample was measured, the sample gently mixed, and 100 ml filled in brown glass bottles and preserved with 1 ml GAA Lugol for protist analysis. The remaining volume was sieved over 64 um (note: 20 um sieve requested in protocol was not available), rinsed into vials with a squeeze bottle and preserved in ~2-4% Zoofix for meiofauna analysis. Protocol 15.5.7 from Sampling protocol version 1 was used, except that sections 0-1 and 1-3 cm were combined into one since 0-1 cm was impossible to saw in the melting conditions we experienced.
pi email
projectID The Nansen Legacy (RCN#276730)
pi address Hansine Hansens veg 18, 9037 Langnes Tromsø
recordedBy Bodil Bluhm
pi institution UiT - The Arctic University of Norway
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Source file AeN_JC1-2_2018707_Icemeiofaunaprotists_Bluhm.xlsx