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Event ID 48347fe5-8914-11e9-8a84-a0481c9e7d26
Parent Event ID 48347ffb-8914-11e9-8a84-a0481c9e7d26
Cruise Number 2019711
Station Name NLEG02
Event Time (UTC) 17:38:00
Event Date 2019-12-11
Decimal Latitude 76.4988330833333
Decimal Longitude 31.217281
Sample Type d18O
Gear Type CTD w/bottles
Sample Depth (m) 20
Bottom Depth (m) 314
Niskin Bottle Number 20
Sampling protocol Nansen Legacy sampling protocols version 5 section 7.3
Sample Location Isotope lab, The Netherlands
PI name Melissa Chierici; Agneta Fransson
PI e-mail;
PI insitution IMR; NPI
Recorded By Elizabeth Jones
Event Remarks
Other Information
Key Value
statID 452
end date 2019-12-11 00:00:00
end time 18:17:00
start date 2019-12-11 00:00:00
storageTemp Cool room
Key Value
title Carbonate chemistry, inorganic nutrients and oxygen isotopes in seawater and sea ice in December 2019
pi name Melissa Chierici; Agneta Fransson
abstract Carbonate chemistry, inorganic nutrients, stable oxygen isotopes and dissolved oxygen along the Nansen Legacy transect during December 2019. Winter sea ice was also sampled at 2 locations. Nansen Legacy sampling protocols version 5 section 7.2, 7.3, 7.10.
pi email;
projectID The Nansen Legacy (RCN # 276730)
pi address Institute of Marine Research; Norwegian Polar Institute
Fram Centre
Hjalmar Johansens gate 14
9007 Tromsø
recordedBy Elizabeth Jones
pi institution IMR; NPI
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Source file AeN_2019711_chemisty_data_sheet_ejones2_LM.xlsx