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Event ID dbb529ae-c65d-11e9-8f49-000c29fb4a96
Parent Event ID ef09b32a-b5ec-11e9-acd1-a0481c9e7d26
Cruise Number 2019706
Station Name SICE4
Event Time (UTC) 10:18:00
Event Date 2019-08-23
Decimal Latitude 81.9851
Decimal Longitude 24.5301
Sample Type Macrofauna taxonomy
Gear Type Box core
Sample Depth (m)
Bottom Depth (m) 3603.75
Niskin Bottle Number
Sampling protocol Nansen Legacy version 4, 10.3.12
Sample Location Nord University
PI name Paul Renaud, Henning Reiss
PI e-mail
PI insitution APN / Nord University
Recorded By Arunima Sen
Event Remarks
Other Information
Key Value
statID 29
fixative 4% formaldehyde-Rose Bengal seawater solution
recordNumber BC1 - R3
Key Value
title Macrofauna taxonomy
pi name Henning Reiss, Paul Renaud
abstract Sediment samples for analysis of macrofaunal diversity were taken from multiple (n=20) 11.7 cm cores inserted in the box cores. These cores were first used for sediment community oxygen respiration and then sieved completely for macrofaunal diversity and abundance estimates. This work is part of RF3 of the Nansen Legacy project, cruise SS Q3, August 2019.
pi email
projectID 276730
pi address Bodø / Tromsø
recordedBy Eric Jorda
pi institution Nord University, Akvaplan-Niva
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Source file AeN_SSQ3_Macrofauna_taxonomy_Reiss_Jorda_complete_fileOK.xlsx