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Event ID b3dcc780-ca0e-11e8-a5f0-005056a2f54a
Parent Event ID
Cruise Number 2018710
Station Name NPAL14
Event Time (UTC) 07:41:00
Event Date 2018-10-07
Decimal Latitude 80.6879
Decimal Longitude 28.9511
Sample Type
Gear Type WP2 90 um
Sample Depth (m)
Bottom Depth (m) 553.08
Niskin Bottle Number
Sampling protocol
Sample Location
PI name Katrine Husum
PI e-mail
PI insitution Norwegian Polar institute
Recorded By Pål Ellingsen
Event Remarks NPAL14 - WP2, 64 µm net and 90 µm cup
Other Information
Key Value
statID 134
maximumDepthInMeters 300
minimumDepthInMeters 200
Key Value
title Nansen Legacy Paleo Cruise 2018
pi name Katrine Husum
abstract This cruise is part of the Nansen Legacy project which will investigate climate and ecosystem change of the Barents Sea and adjacent Arctic Basin. These areas are changing rapidly, e.g. decreasing sea ice distribution and thickness. The project will be an integrated arctic perspective from physical processes to living resources and from understanding the past to predicting the future. This cruise is part of research focus 1 (RF1) “Natural drivers”, subtask T1-3.1. RF1 aims to improve our understanding of the physical climate system in this region. This knowledge is a fundamental building block for any sustainable management plan. Subtask T1-3.1 will investigate the natural variability and ranges of sea ice cover and Atlantic Water through flow in the Barents Sea. The Barents Sea and Arctic climates in general comprise a strong component of natural variability. For any attempt to project and predict future changes in this environment, it is important to understand the range of this variability, its evolution over time, and its responsiveness to external drivers. The paleoclimate records provide this strongly needed insight and will enable assessment of the changes associated with prior intervals where sea ice cover was less and temperatures were higher than those experienced in the recent past were when instrumental and observational records were obtained.
pi email
projectID The Nansen Legacy (RCN #276730)
pi address Norwegian Polar institute, P.O. Box 6606 Langnes, NO-9296 Tromsø
recordedBy Katrine Husum, Pål Ellingsen
pi institution Norwegian Polar institute
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2018-10-07 NPAL14 WP2 90 um Mesozooplankton taxonomy f230eb58-ca02-11e8-a5f0-005056a2f54a b3dcc780-ca0e-11e8-a5f0-005056a2f54a