ESA testing sensors at Svalbard for satellite use

An international research team led by ESA visited Svalbard last week in connection with the Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometry (CIMR) mission. This mission is developing sensors to measure Sea Ice Concentration, Sea Ice Extent and Sea Surface Temperature. These sensors will later be attached to a satellite to improve data on these parameters. Through the CIMRex campaign 2019 which just ended, the sensors have been tested out on ground to validate the measurements (Figure by CIMR mission.)

New position available at the SIOS Knowledge Centre

We are looking for an enthusiastic colleague to fill a new position that will better link the scientific research community and the SIOS data management system!

SESS report 2018 - lessons learned and future steps

Authors from the SESS report 2018 and representatives of SIOS Knowledge Centre and the task force for the next SESS report gathered to discuss the use of the SESS report towards multidisciplinary integration and a better observing system.



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