Free access to safety course for SIOS members!

SIOS offers 4 places on the field safety course organised by the Arctic Safety Centre at UNIS, 16 - 22 September, for representatives from SIOS member or observer institutions.

Application deadline: 9 August 2019 (first come, first served)

Kick-off for the SESS report 2019

The last two days, authors of the next SESS report gathered in Oslo to exchange information and find synergies between the contributions.

Funding available for updates on previous SESS chapters

A second round of funding for contributions to the SESS report 2019 has been opened. It is earmarked for updates on previous chapters.

Sentinel-2 products comparison tool

A new visualization tool for Sentinel-2 products has been made available. It is now possible to quickly compare S2 products from different days and using different RGB composites within a specific area (Tile). Tile selection can be done with a mouse click or by tile name.

New Mosaic tool available

A new visualization tool has been released. It collects the Sentinel-1 (S1) and Sentinel-2 (S2) data available around Svalbard via the National Ground Segment (NBS - Nasjonalt BakkeSegment, see, for the last 3 days.


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