New SIOS workshop will focus on the application of Copernicus satellite data for snow and ice research

This September the SIOS Knowledge Centre will be offering a workshop on how to access and process Copernicus satellite data, equipping researchers with the basic skills they need to understand and use multi-spectral satellite data for monitoring snow and ice on Svalbard.

New logistics officer in place

With the new year also our new logistics officer arrived and finally completed the SIOS Knowledge Centre team. Inger Jennings - half Norwegian, half English - finished school in Oslo before moving to the UK to study. She holds a bachelor in Environmental Science and a master in Marine Environmental Protection.

2nd Call for Multi-disciplinary Access to Environmental Research Infrastructures

ENVRIplus* offers opportunities for free-of-charge transnational access (TNA) for selected research groups and companies to a number of multi-disciplinary test platforms wishing to conduct research or test instruments for cross-disciplinary topics within the environmental domains: atmosphere, biosphere, marine, and solid earth.


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