Would you like to be a host for a shipboard trainee?

A call from The Ocean Training Partnership offers the opportunity for Principal Investigators leading or involved in research cruises to receive funding to fill spare berth(s), receive help with their sea-going work, pass on their knowledge to the next generation, and contribute to capacity building in developing countries.

Long time SIOS supporter joins the SIOS-KC

In beginning of August, Bo Andersen, former director of the Norwegian Space Centre (NSC), joined our team at the Knowledge Centre to share his extensive experience and knowledge about science in Svalbard.

Negribreen - a surging glacier under investigation through an SIOS access project

Negribreen, one of the largest glaciers in Svalbard, is currently surging with maximum speeds reaching 22 metres per in July 2017. That is an acceleration to about 200 times the normal flow velocity of the glacier!


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