2021 Joint Cruise 2-2
Nansen Legacy sampling protocols version 9 section 8
Sediment trap (short term)
Person of interest
Marit Reigstad
Jessie Gardner
University of Tromsø
University of Tromsø
FlowCam for particle shape and size
2021-10-12T11:45:29Z: Initial read in of the log files.
2021-12-15T11:10:56Z: updated sample types
2021-12-15T11:17:47Z: Updated sample type
statID: 126
end_date: 2021-08-29 00:00:00
end_time: 19:38:56.858000
fixative: GA-Lugol
fieldNotes: Trap deployment started at 16:45 and ended 17:49. Smooth deployment in open water surrounded by young ice. Only pelagic trap deployed at P7. All depths deployed with 4 cups. Sediment trap recovered 29/08/2021 between 20:45 and 22:19. Filtrations started at 22:43 (all times in Bergen times).
pi_address: UiT- the Arctic University of Tromsø, Mulinbakken 21, 9001 Tromsø
start_date: 2021-08-28 00:00:00
vesselName: Kronprins Haakon
storageTemp: Cool room
PeriodOfTime: 28.5 hours
recordNumber: 7
endDecimalLatitude: 81.8088181333333
endDecimalLongitude: 31.3677954666667
seaIceThicknessInMeters: 30
sampleVolumeInMilliliters: 100
AeN_JC2-2_2021710_Sediment trap (short term)_JG_FlowCam 22_09_21_checkedLM.xlsx