2021 Seasonal Study Q1
Nansen Legacy Sampling Protocols v7
Bongonet 180 um
Person of interest
Sebastian Gerland
Norwegian Polar Institute
Bongonet 180 µm - biomass, metabarcoding, taxonomy, fatty acid
2021-04-30T08:36:52Z: Initial read in of the log files.
2021-04-30T08:39:06Z: Overriding samples with those logged in activity log which should be more reliable and accurate
2021-05-31T09:15:23Z: Updated station names
2021-05-31T09:27:46Z: Updating station names
2021-05-31T09:28:25Z: Updating station names
statID: 28
end_date: 2021-03-18 00:00:00
end_time: 03:14:30.949000
start_date: 2021-03-18 00:00:00
vesselName: Kronprins Haakon
description: BongoNet 180um
endDecimalLatitude: 82.0056979833333
endDecimalLongitude: 29.8262706
maximumDepthInMeters: 1000
minimumDepthInMeters: 0

Child events

Title Event date Station Sample depth (m) Bottom depth (m) Gear Type Bottle number PI Name PI Institution
cd6247ea-8620-11eb-89b3-005056a2aba6 P7 (NLEG25/NPAL16) 3337.32 Bongonet 180 um Kim Præbel UiT
d1617f1e-8620-11eb-89b3-005056a2aba6 P7 (NLEG25/NPAL16) 3337.32 Bongonet 180 um Janne Søreide UNIS
c9d97da0-8620-11eb-89b3-005056a2aba6 P7 (NLEG25/NPAL16) 3337.32 Bongonet 180 um Janne Søreide UNIS
d4c6deb0-8620-11eb-89b3-005056a2aba6 P7 (NLEG25/NPAL16) 3337.32 Bongonet 180 um Janne Søreide UNIS