Patch up your field data gaps with remote sensing

Currently, field work activities in Svalbard are in jeopardy because of travel restrictions in Svalbard due to the global pandemic of COVID-19. The SIOS Remote Sensing Working Group (RSWG) would like to help the Svalbard scientific community in these difficult times by  mapping the needs of researchers and evaluate the possibilities to provide remote sensing observations in the absence of field campaigns in Svalbard.

Most of our members had to cancel planned field campaigns to Svalbard in March and April 2020. Developments in travel restrictions in coming months are unclear and we are expecting more cancellations of field campaigns this year leading to further gaps in observations. Some of these data gaps can be filled with remote sensing observations.

Since we have no generic solution, in the first stage, we are trying to understand the anticipated damage within the SIOS community. It doesn't matter if you already are aware of remote sensing products that could help you or if you are a newcomer to remote sensing - RSWG will consider all cases.

If you think that remote sensing data may be used to fill your data gaps, please fill in the WEB FORM

Contact: SIOS Remote Sensing Officer Ashley Morris